Okay, so I’m starting this blog thing for real this time.  I currently am collaborating with my partner in crime Kalish on the Mommy Lounge (check it out).  However, when I tried to get into maintaining my own page…well, lets just say it didn’t work out to well.  So here I am. 

Thankfully, we have many chances to start over (with blogs and with life).  My current theme is… FOR REAL NOW!  It seems that I always make great plans, and always have great ideas but nothing ever flourishes from them.  Why?…..  Well after lots of contemplating I realized (once again) that I think too much.  Thought and dreams are wonderful, but without action they don’t mean much.  So my note book full of ideas is just that- a notebook of ideas.  Even when I do begin to implement my new plan, I either fall of the wagon or over analyze the situation so much that I talk my self out of it.

So for real this time! I’m going to get myself organized and together.

Much Love,  Reneca